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cut you

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the creature lighted

on my window

for a moment

before returning to the sky

as if to remind me

though wings become tattered

it is still

entirely possible

to fly


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suicide tourism

besides being a great name
for a punk band

suicide tourism

is a growing trend

in switzerland

and americans

flocking to the monstrance
of neutrality
and lax euthanasia legislation
with a penchant for hiding
nazi-looted art

to eat chocolates laced
with sodium phenobarbital

“going to switzerland”
has become a euphemism
for offing oneself in the UK

(God, how I adore my saucy British cousins.)

Isn’t it funny that in allegedly-civilized
free nations
their countrymen
don’t even have the liberty
of choosing a dignified death?

*elected officials take note

when the power grid fails
we’ll be coming
to eat you

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fat man and little boy

i have married twice
the first marriage
was the result of brainwashed stupidity
and the desire to have a household
with two parents who respected each other
living within it
not beasts of burden

it would have worked had he not been
a halloween masked demon
and i a foolish child

the second
was for love and a common cause
but poor health and geography
depleted it

they both ended
in a mushroom cloud

how happy i am to know
my actions
will spare the world
nuclear winter
by simply never again taking a vow

i’ll fry pork chops tonight
and listen to war pigs
as i smile

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the vigil kept

it no longer matters
the vigil kept
fire lit
now stamped of air
i am weary of watching
for suspicious animals
who live low to the ground
mossy lock secured
done-my-time-card punched
i know a shortcut home
even the ghosts have gone to smoke
you deserve
not a moment more
but not a minute less

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death and coffee

finally a proper burial
the gods were getting vexed

looking for life under headstones, indeed

every body begs a funeral

interred amidst european coffee grounds
my reliquary head
no longer kept in the holy cabinet
with all the other dead mother saints

i hope you burned the book
with the bones
like a good roman

sift the ashes
toss what you find into the sea

keep nothing

but what the glaciers left behind

set us free

cincinnatus smiles
leave the melitta cans
take the canoli

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14 lines, jack

i knew it was over
my back began to straighten
each time
i felt his touch

my heels began walking toward the rack
with cast iron frying pans

every time he said the word


and the man forced out so many safely spaced little sonnets
every sentence done to death

he always found a fucking reason
to say the word


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things you cannot write

i don’t regret hurting you

i do regret knowing you

you’re the reason why our kids are ugly

i don’t care for the ginsberg poem

i’m not hung up on living past forty

i enjoy a big piece of meat in all forms

i think all poetry should be free verse

vanilla should be outlawed

marijuana should be legal

rapists and pedophiles and corrupt bankers should be executed

incendiary is good

i don’t give a fuck about my cholesterol

the government should forget everything they’re doing and begin again

people should throw out their child’s video game system while they still have some semblance of a soul

put a book in your child’s hands so they read it and learn empathy

take a walk every day

own a dog

be marvelously kind even when you don’t feel like it

liquor is good

sex is good

shut up and listen regularly



i’m falling in love with you



reality tv should end

abortions should be free and considered an act of mercy

women should be paid equally

water should be cherished

insurance companies should be banished

men should not be bashed for having balls

national healthcare need be implemented

all weapons should be melted into a temple built to honor peace

dance to music daily

religion should be do it yourself

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the port of messina

ruins of the fortress smolder


she has been unchained from the tyrant

freed by howling liberators


all cease to hail

the master of bloody card tricks


he fails to find grace

or coins for his dead eyes

behind unfearing ears


the man who would kill the world sure in the notion

he was the sole heir

paraded backwards atop royal donkey

steam rising from his legend

he now knows the planet is round


she tosses her ring into the bottomless pit of him


grateful for life yet to be lived

her mind races to gather precious moments from the fire

optimism kindness mercy wisdom charity

all she has learned

placed into saint juliana’s reliquary head

carried in her saddle leather


gilded war horse mounted

her rosewood eyes survey the newly lost world

she follows the light upward

embers rise from collapsing thatched rooftops

becoming stars

as they reach azure firmament


around her neck

a rosary made for the christian messiah

silver crescent moon for allah

the seal of solomon

and a piece of amber for those who know

god is the sky


riding stick lashes across time

thunderously galloping

toward the gateway to the holy land

she seeks a new jerusalem


plumes of red and orange organza

silk and chiffon

explode from her stride

the dust remembering big bang theory

as she soars triumphant

towards a goodness

unlike any she has ever known


a place where tongues speak truth

hearts are brave and upright

so that any god may love them


surrounded by those

who have paid their prayer tax

she has made her own way

to the port of messina


behold the blue sea


cerulean wishing well


and the possibility

of a heaven

that will decide

what becomes of us

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à même la peau (next to the skin)

sweet louis

ignorant king

how crooked

is your manhood


to abolish any notion of you

amidst the terror

of your creation

we shall adopt

the republican calendar


within it

our july

becomes thermidor

no longer honoring the memory

of the fallen caesar


it is a time to destroy

superstition and fanaticism

know marie

never uttered a single word

about cake


creating a little napoleon

we eat the fire inside marat’s heart



ten-day weeks

choosing to annihilate

the existence of sunday


soon the people will forget

they ever had a religion to lose

controlling gods create common enemies


robespierre shan’t keep your head

from the national razor


we cannot save ourselves

from the undying urge

to be dying humans