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i look at photographs

of my

grapes of wrath worthy


sunday best ragged

depression sepia

tobacco creased


and think

i can’t believe these people

fucked each other


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The Fountain of Peace, Saint John the Divine, Manhattan, New York

St. John the Divine

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amongst tender blossoms

Gregor Mendel

Gregor Mendel

was a Moravian scientist

and Augustinian friar,

who in the mid 1850’s,

became the father

of genetics

and heredity,

through his experiments

with plants bearing peas.

My playful mind envisions him

amongst tender blossoms

applying color and size,

dominance and hybridization,

to the Punnett square

within his thoughts.

Given over to whimsy,

I concoct a notion

of the genius

preparing for Easter feast,



with marshmallows

to provide God,


and Seraphim

little angel shaped Peeps.


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there is an old reel to reel memory

burned onto my psyche’s screen

of my fallen god

the father

throwing a planet sized

console television set out the front door

off the porch

and into the yard

in a fit of rage


eventually replaced by a larger zenith console tv

to erase the damage done


the scene horrified me for years

as his vengeance that night

could not be contained

by the red brick of the house


but as i bashed a $3oo cell phone

with a hammer

into the floor of a deserving verizon store

a warming contentment wrapped it’s arms around me


i realized i truly am my father’s daughter

and i loved him all the more for

the genetic ability

to shatter minds and electronics


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a bakolite phone from the 40’s

the cherry telephone stand and cedar chest grandaddy made

a few quilts

her meerschaum letter opener

a grandiose turkey plate

christmas ornaments

a cake pan

the lace curtain revealing a doe she hung on the kitchen door window

her wallet
with drivers license

a lipstick

her bad hip

delicate ankles

engagement ring

these are all the things i have of hers

eight years gone now

the older i get
the more i listen
to her ghost