melting pot

melting pot
if by melting pot
you mean
everyone is boiled
down to their bones
to be consumed
by rich white men

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daughters of the american revolution be warned

my sons
are the only true love
i’ve ever felt
in my adult life
i don’t know what men are for
but violence
dying of tobacco field wars
raping the women and land for money
ernest hemingway shooting sharks in the ocean
with a gun
his bloody plume only attracting more
and walking out elaborately carved
revolving doors


greetings from the colonies

it is sacrilege for me to say
i don’t care for the 4th of july

staking our independence perpetually
on someone else’s claim

i’m not unpatriotic for saying
every death in battle
is a death in vain

blowing our thumbs off
detonating explosives
is an american tradition

if we love our troops so much
let’s stop finding new and improved ways
for them to die

we sailed on a refugee ship from religious oppression
so that we could become more oppressive

the dutch wouldn’t let us stay more than a few nights
they didn’t want our puritanical bullshit
fucking up their children’s minds

my grandmother’s ghost
beaded with genocide
told me
you can’t discover a place
where other people are already living

america was built on a native graveyard

that’s why our culture is plagued
by angry poltergeists
and our child’s hands are glued
to a static tv
listening to paul revere
they’re here

the british weren’t so bad


i love tea