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Have you ever stopped to think?

Perhaps God

is a temperamental visual artist,

who is perpetually

dissatisfied with his earthly work,

so he just keeps adding more

bloody paint,

shards of garbage,

and odd designs

to trash the damned thing?

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amongst tender blossoms

Gregor Mendel

Gregor Mendel

was a Moravian scientist

and Augustinian friar,

who in the mid 1850’s,

became the father

of genetics

and heredity,

through his experiments

with plants bearing peas.

My playful mind envisions him

amongst tender blossoms

applying color and size,

dominance and hybridization,

to the Punnett square

within his thoughts.

Given over to whimsy,

I concoct a notion

of the genius

preparing for Easter feast,



with marshmallows

to provide God,


and Seraphim

little angel shaped Peeps.


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Saints Kosmas and Damianos

Saints Cosmas and Damianos


Twin brothers

born of the 3rd century

in Cilcia, Turkey


The patron saints of

physicians and surgeons

and those suffering

with blood disease


kindly hear

my anemic prayer


Saints who gave up their lives

so that others

may have comfort and mercy


Saint Kosmas


Saint Damianos

speak in gently whispered prayer

to God for me


O Gladsome Light of the Heavens

I implore the holy spirit

to take away my ailments

and be of service to others

that they see

of thy






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Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night…

the bedroom curtains

would be left open

upon my insistence


framed with clinging frost

to better gaze into the late evening sky


sure Santa Claus would find

his way through my stars


as i watched intently

from beneath

my Cabbage Patch Doll comforter

only to fall

fast asleep

listening for reindeer sleigh bells


not knowing


life is never what it seems


but exactly

what lies within

the human heart


may yours be filled

with love and hope

this happy Christmas night

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my uncle martin the 7 foot giant

rounded up 8 men

still bitter

about being forced away from his

english degree at the college of

William and Mary

and hung them from a gallows

above fishin’ creek

for being northern sympathizers

kicking a tree the size of god

from beneath their feet

as their wives and children watched

in horror lashed to a tree

and let me say

to the union

my bones are still sorry


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when this darkness with teeth
decides to mutate
into a virus communicable
via air
which is
an evolutionary inevitability

we will see it
cure the obesity epidemic
in our country

human bug bombs will drop
from the militarized skies
over infected zones
as freely
as an october tree
sheds its walnuts

a futile effort to stop
the contagion

come to think of it
it will cure
with gaia’s fire


save one junkie cockroach
who’ll still be watchin’
a sons of anarchy marathon
and bootin’
black tar heroin

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down through the dew

my faithful dog
followed me
down through the dew
to the lingering
late summer garden

as if he can sense the star dust
i am made from
is 60 billion years old
and therefore i am
of an age to be trusted

passing my studio
metal shop

a gossiping pond

half dressed naked lady plants
whore leaning

and a gathering
of wind chime monks
who have broken
their vows of silence

to help me gather
truant tomatoes
perfectly green
for frying

sweet zing
of pungent plants

as i placed
rain and earth spattered
fruit from the vine
into my apron

four legged vinnie
picked up the ones
i dropped on the ground
in his jaw
with the greatest of care
and returned them slowly to the bunch
with only a few new holes

and a smile
telling me
of god

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holy man

he didn’t know
i could hear him praying

keeping quiet
a church mouse weeping

as i listened to him promise
god and my dead father

he would always love
and take care of me

how fortunate i am
to have my own saint

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is what lies
within a good heart
the last time
a human
closes their eyes

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god is a nosy valet parking attendant

my oh my
we are assholes for love, nay?
try as we might
to maintain the illusion of control
we hold no sway

love is rarely convenient
it shows up in places you don’t expect
and it doesn’t want to hear
your lame excuses

the balls of this fucker love
leaning against a parking meter
in front of
the great granite
netherland hotel

smoking a cigar
all 1933
in a perfectly tailored suit
impervious to the rain

to see me there on race street

all of me
imperfections revealed
makeup running

drag my life and limbs upstairs
slamming wet shoulders into mahogany walls
tongue kissing our way
to me bent over
a 15th floor radiator
admitting that i want it