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binky brown meets the holy virgin mary

the desire overcame me
to walk that day
making my way
down clifton avenue

i grabbed a parking meter
in front of good samaritan hospital

looking up at the structure
i can’t adequately convey
how empowering it is
to look at a building
and be able to say
i gave birth to twins
there once

i proceeded toward ludlow street
as i had been given a mission

my contact was pacing
his artwork tucked
beneath his arm
beside the fountain woman
her limbs outstretched
granting the people of clifton
150 years of history
captured in
water from bronze

it struck me
how tall and beautiful he was
they don’t make men like him
this shock of white hair
atop his head
baggy pants
button down shirt and boots

perhaps david lynch could be compared

to his chili parlor grammar questions
over iced tea
discussions of our business at hand
busy bees
underground comics
money and the lack thereof
the lost art
of the way things used to be

he walked me back to my car
to say our goodbyes

i couldn’t help
but leave a lipstick kiss
on the resplendent man’s

he blushed so deeply
even the gaslights
took on a magenta hue

you are divine
he said to me

it was
a perfect
love story