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cleopatra’s apron

he told me
it was that sexy little upturned swish
at the corner of my amber eyes
the curve i sometimes place
at the edge of my eyeliner

which told him
that i had both the flour sifting power
to bake him the perfect cake

or command my egyptian armies
to cut off his empire’s
holy roman grain supply

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cleopatra upon her litter

i have become

cleopatra upon her litter




carried aloft in a bed built for an inconvenient queen

above the melded glass sands of blood and grain

desert winds my howling comfort


cast out by a tyrant brother

ptolemy’s thirteenth incarnation

each generation more of a reason

he must die in the nile


little husband

and his geldings


i am chained by the ankle for you

to this land

these people

we are egypt


through my opium haze

i see my blessed alexandria

and pray before jackal headed gods

to return me from this death


my eyes follow the light

of the marble watch tower

emanating from the isle of pharos


ancient port


deliver me guidance and knowing papyrus

so that i may find my way

to the great whore mother streets

her libraries

and temples built


i shall seduce caesar and his army

if the gods make it so


resurrect the statue of me