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you can make a daisy

You, insidious creature,
tell me how the fuck is it
you can make a daisy


a thousand ships

where certainty resides
no faith is required
once a star is seen in the darkness
there is no forgetting it’s place in the sky

i have watched your face sink
into the night waters
of the glowing aegean
since the beginning of time

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the city razed
no stone left upon another
bloody rome
you have burned the heavens
to the ground

yet we are blessed with former sight

your men
plough the earth with death
salt strewn to prevent notions of green
you may not deny the people’s hearts
spring’s return

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musing medusa

this medusa
harbors no illusions

i know
my face will soon be emblazoned
upon the shield of athena

but oh, perseus,
such a magnificent time we had
unleashing pegasus and chryasoar
from my womb
into the world
your sword the midwife
my little gifts from poseidon
after his night holding me down
in the temple

my snake tattooed neck
veritable, indeed
does miss being attached to my slinky body

these men who sought the enchantment inside my head
who dared my fatal gaze
crossing mountains tops
with a plan to die
remain a species of statue
not fully unraveled into stone

they are a sort
who despite there stillness
summon the water
to weep