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Saints Kosmas and Damianos

Saints Cosmas and Damianos


Twin brothers

born of the 3rd century

in Cilcia, Turkey


The patron saints of

physicians and surgeons

and those suffering

with blood disease


kindly hear

my anemic prayer


Saints who gave up their lives

so that others

may have comfort and mercy


Saint Kosmas


Saint Damianos

speak in gently whispered prayer

to God for me


O Gladsome Light of the Heavens

I implore the holy spirit

to take away my ailments

and be of service to others

that they see

of thy






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tennessee glory land

i don’t know

what heaven looks like

but it can’t be far off

from this

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is what lies
within a good heart
the last time
a human
closes their eyes

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breaking the quiet

i wasn’t going to write a maya angelou poem
because i feel unworthy to eulogize
men fall mute
take vows of silence
over things less sacred than she

until the remembrance
of a late fall morning
returned to me

7th grade
first bell walls
covered with golden shadows
and whispering leaves
in eight o’clock hour sunlight

my english teacher played
a recording of her
i know why the caged bird sings

when it was done
the class snickered at my weeping
breaking the quiet
they didn’t know they made a poet of me

in that 12 year old moment

i realized
what a woman
what a human being
could rise and overcome
to be
graceful ascendancy

if there is a loving god
it chose to speak
with the voice
of maya angelou

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i could die today chanting

i’ve been loved
i’ve been loved
i’ve been loved

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pie in the sky

those expectant of heaven
are waiting for death
to deliver the fairness
life never will

let me know how that works out for you

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Does this ceramic tile come in drunk tank pink?

i’ve been sleeping face down
to hold my soul inside
in the event
i should die
during the night

i never want to wake
to the eternal responsibility
of having to keep
a bathroom sink clean
in a perfect heaven

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our neighbors would hate us

it was the moment
i felt the weight of you

that come hither look in your eyes

a crashing instant
when i contemplated
what we would be

we would make antony and cleopatra seem uncommitted

a passion so profound

it would negate my need for panties


i made the decision
not to want you
or the responsibility of your happiness

chose never to be the person
who complains you’re never around

and when you’re home don’t lift a finger

i never want to be your freshest regret


what a perfect disaster we would be


our neighbors would hate us


we would go to home depot

and choose to paint the bathroom an almost puce shade of armageddon

we would watch fatal attraction together and immediately run to ikea

for more lamps and cutlery


scratching vinyl to a screeching stop

speakers and clothing flying

through rattling windows


we’d brawl over a bourbon bottle

some june night

and threaten to cut each other

with the jagged pieces

of a kenny rogers and the first edition album


perpetually polar

fucking or fighting
either way it would be noisy

we would drive the sidewalk to drink

all the pearls in the world
would fall from their strands

we would tire of crying

you would invalidate my every previous love poem


our car would eternally be waiting to plunge

from an icy bridge

in the deep south


because i threatened to jump out and through the door open to puke

and you swerved trying to grab for my

drunk ass

because we’d love each other more than we had collective sense


there must be a heaven for that

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saturday is a form of heaven

eating english
slathered with blackberry preserves
ignoring The Times
listening to
the cure
on the turntable
orbiting white chocolate
worshiping blonde coffee
reading a deLillo novel
dog under chair giving chase
in mumbley sleep
children remain under star covered blankets
as st. michael the tabby cat
wages holy war
against the evils
of rabbit fur mice

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while angels are at war

the skyline of the early evening city
rising behind
soaring diocese minarets
and crucifix adorned steeples

a cathedral flanked by
brick and mortar chess pieces
surrounded by cloudy machinations

god is content this night
to reign only in heaven

for the king is not yet dead
and bishops must be guarded
by mortal men

we glide across marble tiles
fingers laced together
to find our way into the sanctuary

you anoint my head and yourself
after threshold is crossed

asking me to look to the choir loft

the pipe organ sings out not to heaven
instead pleading sympathy for the devil in hell

our laughter causes the sainted statues to turn their heads

swords collide in the painted ceiling
their embers fall
burning our skin

you pull me into
the red velvet confessional
by my waist

i wish to be captured

plunging your hands into my hair
lips pressed to mine in worship

pleading to a heart full of grace

you say,

“my queen, you make me feel so alive…”

i am undone

as beads fall slowly
to the floor