frankly, my dear…

the south is on fire
not in that charming
general sherman sort of way
the north is unemployed
so they elected a german
grand wizard of real estate
to be our next failure
son of a scottish housekeeper
who makes jokes about émigré
the west is busy crushing red Indians
our national past time has always been
genocide and polluting waterways
take heart, americans
there were only mass stabbings yesterday
and i’m fairly sure
lady liberty just miscarried
baby new year
blood is running down ellis island
into muddied waters of the bay
melt down the scales of justice
brass knuckles
will have their say

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hanging committee

oh hell tonight
i am truly my father’s daughter

as much as you’ve hurt me
and still seeking your approval
despite your love requiring sedatives
and prayer chains

i’ll say this once
so you better fucking listen

i know what villainy you’re capable of
and what transgressions you are not

you’ve been strung up wrongly

for once
this is a pyre you don’t deserve
lord how can it be
my heart is
defending you again

somewhere mick jagger is humming bitch
and i’m buying a forgiving round
for your hanging committee

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seer sucker

he should have been
a seer sucking lawyer
instead of a poet

all his writings
are masterfully created indictments

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a kentucky suicide

twenty-nine year old

mother of three

stair step children

all under the age of seven

laboring under the weight

of her fifth month of pregnancy

with the fourth baby

came home from work one night

and shot herself twice

once in the head


once in the heart

yet it matters not

the numbers don’t add up

or that her commonly unlawful  boyfriend

was never charged with the crime

because ’round these parts

they call that sort of death

a kentucky suicide