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let’s wait until morning to grow any older

you should be made aware
i do not hold you responsible
for problems foisted upon me
by don delillo
or nathaniel hawthorne
but you
clever man
are entirely to blame
for kate chopin

Jazz Music poetry Short Stories Uncategorized Urban Legends

punk theory

ran kate chopin
up my arm
late last night

the storm
inside my head
outside my window
caused the rafters to rage

i fell into a red lampshade trance

remembering his words
wall leaning
he never leaned over
to whisper
about going on tour

“Anywhere but New York. We can never go to New York.”


“I’ll shoot heroin and never come back…”

my eyes fell silent as my lips called a guy about booking Cleveland

he smiled

as the clash flew off the turntable dropping spanish bombs

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grand isle

these moments of wanting
i love you
she whispers
only you
tucking her face into his neck
this man who had saved her
they had chosen each other
such suffering to endure
this indulgent desire
grand lamentation with seductive voices
regarding the union holy
every moment sacrosanct
in their arms and hearts
desperate exchanges
confessions and our fathers
covered in black lace
catalysts for renaissance
conduit for life
divine reciprocity
existing not as possessions
but within a shared passion
a worthy religion
accepting they will be the end of reason
and each other