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John Dorsey, John Dorsey, John Dorsey

if the shelves of hell are lined

with all the books

that should have been written

please know

there’s a big gaudy ass pink satiny lace volume

of poetry i didn’t write about you

sitting quietly in the

damn, but didn’t we have fun


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his laugh

if i could have anything back

any part of his essence

i would want

his laugh

as life without it has been

no life at all

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no elegy

no elegy

for me, please

i plan to die

with laugh lines

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house of mirth

the first time

i heard him laugh

i knew

that was the laugh

i wanted to hear

for the rest of my life

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the joy of…

when we’re apart

what i miss the most

is the way our laughter

came together


because of the way he makes me laugh

it’s sunday

and i love you

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high tea

atop a Tibetan mountain

peaking through

a perfect cloud


i will take high tea

with the dalai lama


the platters


and cups

brought to us

upon the backs

of meticulously trained

boston terriers

billy goats

and bull frogs


when  given honey

wag away happily


his holiness will tell me a bad joke

as he pours

“Why is the Christian heaven paved with gold, but covered in newspaper?

Angel poop.”


to which i counter


“How do you make the universe laugh?

Tell it your plans…”


we giggle into our tea cups


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a little shop of kinks

when i was 15
i had my belly button pierced

my cool ass mom
took me and my best friend renee
to permanent productions
a tattoo and piercing shop
owned by
the da vinci of body modification
in cincinnati

down on hamilton avenue


the little rainbow flag bedecked

where my brother
would die of aids
three years later

my mom signed for me to get the piercing
she watched with delight
as mike pinched with triangular forceps
then shoved the needle through my skin

but my mom is where i get my wild

this was long before the aerosmith video
with alicia silverstone getting pierced
in a grunge plaid shirt
with her long white girl hair
that spawned a million
middle class girls to emulate her

i found this little boutique downtown
on race street
after i started to drive

a little shop of kinks

it was a gay clothing
sexual fetish
and art deco antique store
with the best selection
of body jewelry in town

sometimes renee and i
would take mom with us
when we went shopping there

we would peruse
the sex toy
side of the store

ball gags
a trapeze
sex swings
leather daddy
and bondage apparel
and the biggest selection
of dildos you’ve ever seen

one day
my mom held up
a giant natural skin dong
approximately three feet long
and ten inches in diameter
at eye level

and queried loudly
in her southern kentucky accent

“Well, what in the hell do you need a root that big for?”

we died laughing
and i had never loved her more

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glamour gal

i have the legs
of an angry ballerina
battleship hips
and stevedore arms

i laugh too loudly
but often cover my mouth
to hold the ecstasy inside me

i punched your uncle who was in the navy
at your christmas party

i spike my orange juice
with bourbon and honey

i’ve been known
to leave the house
wearing two different pumps

perhaps only one eye
of makeup done

makes it so
i sometimes get dizzy when i’m driving
or wearing heels
and fall down
let us hope it’s a day
i have no panties on

i’m a poet
so i sit around
in the orange gloam
of after dinner evening
with other writers
coffee mugs in hand
discussing why it is
we haven’t slept
in years

and what it means when your piss smells
like a fresh roasted tanzanian nigerian blend

i can’t be anywhere on time
there exists a curve in my very existence
but i’m from the south
i do everything slowly
and with great deliberation

i masturbated in the tub once
and nearly drowned

such the glamour gal

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my voice was carved that day

daddy is
a little girl’s
word for god

no matter the fabric
of the man

mine died when i was
6 years
4 months
and 13 days along

my voice was carved that day

in front of my mother
screaming death
on bent hallway knees

i have to tell you, folks

having his statue toppled
became my spine

it made the hell of everyday living
somehow less of an intolerable disaster

all i know is

it is 42 degrees

it is October 26th

i am still alive

my sons thrive

and there is nothing more beautiful
than a child at play