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the sun is exploding

and my drama queen persona has worn thin
my legends are in france begging their gods to shit truffles
their german wives to make amends
and i


this humble poet
i am so glad
to see it end

Jazz Music poetry Short Stories Uncategorized Urban Legends


marlon brando’s corpse
was left forgotten for weeks
by his addled children
after it was embalmed

locked in the dark back room
of a california mortuary
inside a kentucky copper casket

cardboard covered with blue felt
staple gunned polyester cream lining
and aluminum hand rails

but the godfather was bigger than the container
in which he was placed

somebody finally scraped together the cremation fees

one hell of an ending for a man
who in life
filled streetcars with desire

whose funeral was attended
by 30 flower cars
and the heads of the five families