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cut away

with the exception of the episiotomy

i was given during the birth of my twins

no one has ever taken a scalpel to me before

not one surgery

or major procedure ever needed to be performed

until today


when a small mass

was removed from the muscular calf

of my left leg

after being administered a local anesthetic


a minor thing

i should feel lucky

it isn’t more



possibly cancer

possibly nothing


my payback

for dumbassed teenage tanning bed gore

the pathologist is soon to issue a report


having been a mortician

i thought i was so fucking hardcore

able to stand the sight of anything

but as i undressed tonight

to find the bandage had come off beneath my pant leg


i was unprepared

for the cauterized sight of the hole

for nausea

the room suddenly spinning

cold sweat

and my body crashing to the floor


when i saw a piece of myself cut away

and death standing patiently in the bedroom door


i don’t fear dying

but i am horrified at the thought

of my leaving my sons alone

in this cruel world


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female hysteria

in 1869
dr. george taylor
introduced to the women of the world
the first steam powered vibrator

an iron age monstrosity
meant to supplement
a victorian doctor’s own
pelvic massage
used to treat
female hysteria

a suffering uterus
plagued with heaviness
sexual thoughts
and unfortunate states of lubrication

and i would like to boldly say
never was there a time more noble
to pursue a career in medicine

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ask your doctor if this poem is right for you

to hell with sympathy
with a marked lack of empathy
just take on more pill


pre menstrual kill your family disorder

postpartum confessions

i can spell aixelsyd backwards

bi polar polar bears
savants and social outcasts

this episode of your mother
is being brought to you
by acme pharmaceuticals

look to the water source or better still
the drugs we’ve pissed into it

because the whole damned world

has developed a twitch

pretend to be asleep

i hear the nurse coming

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notes from the battlefield

the cacophony which woke me
from octopus tentacle dreams
this morning
was all last night’s pizza and soda

the way jackie gleason must have sounded vomiting
after a fifth of whiskey
and two-fisting ninth inning hot dogs

my twin sons
with 16 year old swagger
still little fellas when they’re sick

with the first stomach bug
of the new school year

it comes as regularly as the morning bus
this great yellow vector

the power of christ compelling me up the stairs to soothe foreheads and mop floors with holy water

my molly pitcher mantra becomes
feel better sweet babies

i am the calm center of the universe

fighting the good fight
leads me to the corner pharmacy
rather than cooking an unwanted breakfast

my meal
will be consumed whilst on this errand
far away from the contagion contained at home
chocolate pyramids
the toble of a toblerone bar
and diet 7 Up
a staple soda of the hyperemetic
every sip comes from the memory of my mother’s hands

i purchase
activated charcoal
cosmetic pink bismuth
ginger candy and ale
to soothe rumbling bellies

and my guilty pleasure
a new pack of pilot pens
the brand to which i remain loyal
after the expensive ones have seeped into the persian rug

a poem happened
in spite of all this
within the simple act
of writing it all down

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the rest cure

there is no comfort to be found

within victorian convention

this captivity no creature should endure

no good can come from listening to strawberry blossoms whispering

no monstrous appetite sated by the peeling of yellow wallpaper

retreat is not a form of living

it is the wrought iron gate to demise

against the canvasĀ of the city

i choose to paint my remaining days

a place where movement indicates life

and pastured cemeteries

are but an ending

i have not yet written