big trains through small tunnels

it struck me
as funny
that free condoms
handed out in
New York City
had subway maps
on the wrappers
in case you were erect
and desperately needed
to get
to Yonkers

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on the blue line

he had been loudly staring at me
over his new york times
magazine section
for the duration
of the train ride

his trench coat was wet
so was i

that night
i would have remained seated
until the rockaways
to keep looking into his victor mature eyes

overcome with a case of
girl, you damn well know better
i ran through the doors
just before they closed
at the next stop
on the blue line

he stood against the glass
looking beautiful

as i held fast to the thought

i have a friend close by
on utica avenue
who always wants to go for a drink
after a day of war

and she
gets me pregnant


baby, we aren’t going to make it to the party

we were darting down 5th avenue
heels and wing tips
seeking shelter from the rain
beneath each elegantly willing awning

when he decided i should experience
the finery new york’s art world had to offer

pulling me by the waist
through the glass doors of The Neue Galerie

my body slammed into the whitest of walls
trench coat and mouth forced open
we fuck-clawed each other
into an abstract painting

as a cocktail party roared upstairs
over midnight oil
singing beds are burning

Jazz Music poetry Short Stories Uncategorized Urban Legends

pay to play

*For Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer, and the lesser known dicks of the Tri-State area.

mimi the latina transvestite hooker
will emerge a dream
from the backpages of queens
in thigh highs and seams
to meet you
neat and discreet
five burrow fabulous
but won’t drive
into the shitholes of new jersey
passed whippany

hiding adam’s apple
and real name from your
willing suspension of disbelief
dangling alongside her
fools gold hoop earrings

you may pay to play
just as long as her phone number
remains buried in contact list z’s
as deep as her cock
up your holland tunnel

she’ll never tell your wife
about your secret little life
on your knees between garden trees
sucking her off
as you hum a few lines of lola