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father death

my father didn’t leave

a suicide note

but his abrupt departure

condemned me

to write thousands of them

in my head


check, please…

he asked if i
wanted dessert
my smiling lips declined
that i am saving room
for sins left

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softened fruit

once you’ve been a mortician

you never stop thinking

or dreaming

like one


beyond exposure

to the harshest chemicals

in existence

it is the psychological blitzkrieg

that is the true

occupational hazard


i am plagued by dreams

of having to embalm

my dead since i was 6 father

his features i set perfectly

but his hands won’t take the fluid

they are a sick yellowish color

with blackened fingernails

the fingers spread apart



death is always

grasping coldly toward us


as for the rest of humanity

my eyes see them

as softened fruit

about to spoil


each day

has become a discipline

in attempting

not to think

this way


as i find life

in all its pain and glory

to be worthwhile

and of

unfathomable beauty



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the cursed poet…

you are so beautiful,

it pains me

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we’ll go for a beer after

my friend
allow me to begin
by saying i love you

shut the hell up
don’t interrupt

i said

i love you

and what is a friend
but someone who volunteers
to take up our cause

someone who wants for our success
facilitates happiness
a partner in the pursuit
of wanton fulfillment

so may i suggest
we lace up our boxing gloves
and step in the ring together

yeah, buddy
we box the same weight

no mouth guards
as they are for literary pussies

we won’t block anything
as we unleash our demons

sweat stinging our eyes
bloody spray flying
as we pound truths into swollen lips

i want to punch you in the face
as you describe your mother

your teeth transforming into words as they fly

keep hooking me in the ribs
until i puke out my father

make it hurt

we’ll beat books
with unbroken spines
out of each other

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i hated myself at the time

you must know
i was only capable of loving you
because i hated myself at the time

who in their right would choose a yolk
of unjustified mistrust
and mutilation

i threw everything you ever gave me
off the terwelleger bridge
into the little miami river
drunk and laughing
at 3 o’clock in the morning

a fetid dump wasn’t good enough
that shit needed to see the ocean again

but i kept two things

a photo album you gave me
all pictures of you
kissing pictures of me

to remind myself that i did matter
i did have worth and always will

the face of evil must be remembered
to better warn the other villagers

and a copy of the only honest poem you ever wrote

three days after bloody sheets and hands
as two rivers converged in pittsburgh

“lift your cup to this immortal passing
this child of ours who will not every cry
then no tear is shed without love lasting”

that’s the only thing you ever did
that i don’t hate you for

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fifth & mercy st.

our lady of perpetual sorrow
hear my prayer
as my need is great

it’s thursday night
there’s a bottle of wild turkey
pleading the fifth
on the night stand

lou reed is singing about berlin
from a warehouse in brooklyn

grant me strength

as i have one more night to spend
fighting the good fight
inside the devil’s head

before a flight back to sanity tomorrow

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glam rock

i put on too much eyeliner this morning

as if my doing so
would keep my eyes from seeing

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why, yes, i’m from the south

shut your naïve mouth
unless you’ve stood barefoot
on blood soaked soil
as red as the tomatoes you’re picking
with a wet rag
and a salt shaker in your hand

i have no interest in your pre-washed wisdom

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scar tissue is the new black

thank you, motherfucker
for every second of the pain
each moment of humiliation
all the shit shivers of regret

scar tissue is the new black

we toughened bitches
have a way
of taking over the world

have you heard?