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memento mori

Marci Payne

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i’ll forget the way you sang to me

wrapped in ivy sheets
and the silence offered by
quarter til five in the morning

i hear you rise from a bed
on the other side of the city

you’re barefoot
tighty whitey clad
staring at a phone and a computer
looking for me

both of us too stubborn to relent

jesus we’re irish
with our nun chucks

hating how much we love each other

with guilded age enthusiasm

we attended the world’s fair together
in 1893

forget my indian girl hair
falling over your face

i’ll forget the way
you sang to me

poetry Uncategorized

à même la peau (next to the skin)

sweet louis

ignorant king

how crooked

is your manhood


to abolish any notion of you

amidst the terror

of your creation

we shall adopt

the republican calendar


within it

our july

becomes thermidor

no longer honoring the memory

of the fallen caesar


it is a time to destroy

superstition and fanaticism

know marie

never uttered a single word

about cake


creating a little napoleon

we eat the fire inside marat’s heart



ten-day weeks

choosing to annihilate

the existence of sunday


soon the people will forget

they ever had a religion to lose

controlling gods create common enemies


robespierre shan’t keep your head

from the national razor


we cannot save ourselves

from the undying urge

to be dying humans