left it standing

my fears are hidden at home in my onion knife

as I drink coffee that tastes like David Mamet

left it standing

downtown on a Tuesday morning

during a plague

somehow that proves

there are things I don’t regret

while we pretend to have enough choices left

the way a crumbling sidewalk shows us

dandelions will continue to grow

on the strength of their convictions

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Saints Kosmas and Damianos

Saints Cosmas and Damianos


Twin brothers

born of the 3rd century

in Cilcia, Turkey


The patron saints of

physicians and surgeons

and those suffering

with blood disease


kindly hear

my anemic prayer


Saints who gave up their lives

so that others

may have comfort and mercy


Saint Kosmas


Saint Damianos

speak in gently whispered prayer

to God for me


O Gladsome Light of the Heavens

I implore the holy spirit

to take away my ailments

and be of service to others

that they see

of thy






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the fourth bead

my hands and heart

pray a rosary

of a different sort


one constructed by survival

that was never blessed

by a politician in a gaudy dress

and fetid purse in vatican city


the first bead is my mother

whom i thank for giving me life


the second bead is my father

who took his own

under the misguided notion

my existence would be improved

by the tortured deed


the third is shared by two men

who stepped in

to protect and daddy me

as they are my personal diocese


and the fourth is a thank you

to the man who taught me to appreciate

the good in the world

by showing me

how sick a human can be


and he should be grateful

as his best poetry has come

from hating

unapologetically happy