fallen hearts

keep a supply
of iodine and fresh bandages
if you make a habit
of trying to glue back together
broken people
you will cut your fingers
on their fallen hearts
as if they were
shattered wine glasses

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trick candle

when life has taught you

all love ends

in pain

it becomes easy

to extinguish every flame

but not him

he’s my trick candle

he burns brighter

the more i try to blow

i have learned

to stop blustering

enjoy the party

and eat

the damned cake


for we are many

my childhood demons

far outnumber my remaining years

i could waste a lifetime

mitigating them

i shan’t

i’ll do a few shots of holy water instead

these motherfuckers

don’t get

free rent in my head


so much so


i fear marriage

because i have been married

and it felt like death

as if the grave

was the next logical step

the end of choices

(you’re perfect, darling,

perfectly horrifying)

i crave liberty

so much so

even the illusion will do

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two lumps

Sunday is the day

your old ghosts,


and crushing failures

drop in

for a spot of tea.



the greatest sorrow

of a daughter

is surely

the madness

of her father

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milk sugar

i have learned

through attrition

a man overly obsessed

with breasts

needs his


to suckle

more than yours

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to spit or to swallow

the patience and wisdom

coming with age

are fast becoming

my favorite shoes to wear


as my own horseshit

and the shenanigans of others

become less excusable

with each passing day

every birthday candle wished upon and blown


there comes a point

when you’ve been told

you know better


repeated behaviors are either psychosis

or selfish forms of masturbation

such as the poets who write

their daily vengeance poem

scribbled in shit and crayon

on unsuspecting

psych ward facebook walls



grant me the serenity

to zip my lips when called for


to know when to spit

and when to swallow


but mostly

when to say

fuck off


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aisle three

each time i take in a new book
a tide of awareness
sweeps my reading chair
into the knowing sea
understanding how
to better appreciate
and the placement psychology
of bright green cans of organic peas
in aisle three

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coffee with a sociopath, i’ll have two

we don’t often like
the answers we find
when trying to make sense of things

but i am plagued by catalysts and root causes

i want to know why everything dies

and the truth is
i didn’t know who or what
i was
when i met you

that time of life found me
in the beginning stages of opening my eyes

right now
would run screaming into the night
to get the hell away from you

because you suck at life

you suck at being in other people’s lives

and i’m not saying i don’t

turn off the fire under the pot and kettle black

i know i suck too

the difference between us is
i don’t take a sick pleasure in it

but you
with your heads mounted on walls
you sociopath
you do
you so fucking do