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sodomy and pepsi

you’re a tired cliche
impoverished poet
that bullshit doesn’t fly
once you pass age 30

it ceases to be chic
as irresponsibility is your only luxury

and i’m not sorry
i wouldn’t let you invade my home
to squat in my basement
to write the same poems
about sodomy and pepsi
you were writing six years ago
with a pen
covered in chicken grease

never fear
there will always be
gullible people willing to share
their food stamps
with the legend
you never lived up to

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sewing on lace

such grand gestures
of morning after guilt
you are capable of
buying every seat in the stadium
reserved for your bent knee apology
hindenburg full of flammable gas
floating overhead
scrolling about
how sorry
how sorry
how sorry
but it matters naught
indefensible drunk
i’m tired of sewing on lace
to what a dumb cunt you are

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disappearing twin

i almost didn’t believe he was real
it was easier to think his life was just another of your fictions

how could you keep nothing of him all these years

but one spring night
fate conspired with the devil
to make me understand

a picture of him rose to my hand

the hair
even the way he wore a hat


a mirror image skew of you

and you were right

he was softer
and more beautiful than you

first born, second loved, indeed

no wonder you had gone mad

i’m sorry he died

that your heart soon followed

and for every unknowing thing
i ever said

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black widow

i’ve never killed anyone

not so much as a house plant has been lost
on my watch

but somehow i managed to murder

one man’s poetry

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all your stars out

salinger was able
to describe the mundane rituals of a day
with such surgical precision
as to make the act of smoking a cigarette
in a bathroom
a symphony of the ineffable

he can keep his privileged drop out
l’enfant terribles
pitiful boys
never caught me in the rye

yet i long to share a table
with his glass family
so broken

joining hands to say the jesus prayer
before feasting on memories
of lost boys

served with banana fish
head of the table seated
would ask his beloved
if he was writing his heart out

are you living with all your stars out?

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were you here

were you here

i would wrap myself around you
place my lips to yours
take the hat off your head and place it on mine
i would make love to you while wearing one of your shirts

were you here

i would cook for you, cracking eggs with one hand to make your breakfast

rub your back when i see the pained look
dry your eyes when you cry
never stop touching you through the night

were you here

i would remember to grab your glasses
care if you know where your slippers are
buy you chocolate for no reason
not take you for granted
be marvelously kind
love you better

i would remember never to forget you

were you here

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things you cannot write

i don’t regret hurting you

i do regret knowing you

you’re the reason why our kids are ugly

i don’t care for the ginsberg poem

i’m not hung up on living past forty

i enjoy a big piece of meat in all forms

i think all poetry should be free verse

vanilla should be outlawed

marijuana should be legal

rapists and pedophiles and corrupt bankers should be executed

incendiary is good

i don’t give a fuck about my cholesterol

the government should forget everything they’re doing and begin again

people should throw out their child’s video game system while they still have some semblance of a soul

put a book in your child’s hands so they read it and learn empathy

take a walk every day

own a dog

be marvelously kind even when you don’t feel like it

liquor is good

sex is good

shut up and listen regularly



i’m falling in love with you



reality tv should end

abortions should be free and considered an act of mercy

women should be paid equally

water should be cherished

insurance companies should be banished

men should not be bashed for having balls

national healthcare need be implemented

all weapons should be melted into a temple built to honor peace

dance to music daily

religion should be do it yourself