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magic & loss

more painful

than losing the baby

was watching you cry


me remembering

the November

your sweet excuse

for everything was,

“Hey, I’ve got a pregnant wife at home…”

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she takes a powder

a hard-boiled detective

would describe me all gum-shoe mickey spillane

as a serial passion killer

beneath a slow moving ceiling fan

swaying to a street corner saxophone

smoke unfurling through suspicious window shades

into a neon-lit city of perpetual night

feet propped on his overworked desk

waxing how this dish

she takes a powder

varies her modus operandi

jealousy mistrust stubborn convictions

yet what is unquestionably hers

are the exit wounds

she leaves on the guy


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city confidential

i’m guilty
of compartmentalizing
my life
no one will know each other
at my funeral
Robert Stack will narrate
the unsolved mysteries
there will be several unknown
oddly distraught
handsome gentlemen
friends from all over
and family
who will conduct it
like a senate hearing


the sort meant for kissing

he told me
i had the most beautiful lips
heart shaped
the sort meant for kissing
so i showed him
they were capable
of so much more


t’ain’t shakespeare, folks

i knew it was love
when i laid my head
on his lap
and he said,
“oh, that feels good,
my dick in your hair…”


unstable market

there comes a point

in ill-fated relationships

when a woman realizes

that dick equity

isn’t enough

sexism sociology

snake skinned

she leans back all cleopatra

with an asp in her purse

and tells him,

“bite me”

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house of mirth

the first time

i heard him laugh

i knew

that was the laugh

i wanted to hear

for the rest of my life

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a little shop of kinks

when i was 15
i had my belly button pierced

my cool ass mom
took me and my best friend renee
to permanent productions
a tattoo and piercing shop
owned by
the da vinci of body modification
in cincinnati

down on hamilton avenue


the little rainbow flag bedecked

where my brother
would die of aids
three years later

my mom signed for me to get the piercing
she watched with delight
as mike pinched with triangular forceps
then shoved the needle through my skin

but my mom is where i get my wild

this was long before the aerosmith video
with alicia silverstone getting pierced
in a grunge plaid shirt
with her long white girl hair
that spawned a million
middle class girls to emulate her

i found this little boutique downtown
on race street
after i started to drive

a little shop of kinks

it was a gay clothing
sexual fetish
and art deco antique store
with the best selection
of body jewelry in town

sometimes renee and i
would take mom with us
when we went shopping there

we would peruse
the sex toy
side of the store

ball gags
a trapeze
sex swings
leather daddy
and bondage apparel
and the biggest selection
of dildos you’ve ever seen

one day
my mom held up
a giant natural skin dong
approximately three feet long
and ten inches in diameter
at eye level

and queried loudly
in her southern kentucky accent

“Well, what in the hell do you need a root that big for?”

we died laughing
and i had never loved her more


love is lovelier

being with him
was the same experience
as listening
to frank sinatra jr.

you’ve heard the song before
and you’ve heard it sung better