we never had paris

his oxfords stroll down
piano key sidewalks
stepping to quarter notes
noir film
thoughts smoldering
behind him in cigarette smoke
and i think
in another life
we would have fallen in love
during wartime

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tired hooker

better heads
have prevailed

the veil irreparably torn

upon considering
your invitation

a notion

while provocative

shiny in it’s candy wrapper

evaporates into ether

when the reality is unfolded

i see another woman’s panties tucked under your carriage’s seat

so i’ll save these glass slippers for another knight

as a matter of fact

the mere idea of taking your coachman’s hand

makes this cinderella

feel less like a princess swept off her feet

and more like a tired hooker

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within the milk of a star lit morning

the first time
i saw his face
a moment suspended
within the milk of a star lit morning

deep beneath
layers of winter
my tightly cut
snow glistening
wool coat and garbo scarf
glided through quarter notes
on the moving street

he turned to face me directly
as i came closer

his eyes forgot everything but mine

one look
and i knew
that i’d been going about it all wrong

i raised my brow
with a sultry smile
and said

good morning

in such a way
that made him want to hear it

just like that
into his ear

as he entered me
for centuries

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love affair

we were driving
near the water
i was green
with a lack of land
begging him to veer away from lighthouses

he never let me drive
but it was okay
because it was one of the ways
he was older than me
and i counted on him for that

leaning in he notices
my pearly white painted fingertips
resting against the tan leather of the car
and says
your nails are beautiful

i say the color is called
love affair
and he says
of course it is, baby girl,
of course it is…