the devil you know

there you are
right on cue
as if you personally orchestrated
my having been born
in September
the devil you know
swelling and morphing
through my dreams
your face changing
wearing various masks
such grand theatre
i weep
destroy my sheets
crying out in the night
reddest blood flowing
into marzipan rivers
oh my dear
how beautifully we suffer
this tether
my soul was lost
in an apple orchard
faded to ether

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notes from the battlefield

the cacophony which woke me
from octopus tentacle dreams
this morning
was all last night’s pizza and soda

the way jackie gleason must have sounded vomiting
after a fifth of whiskey
and two-fisting ninth inning hot dogs

my twin sons
with 16 year old swagger
still little fellas when they’re sick

with the first stomach bug
of the new school year

it comes as regularly as the morning bus
this great yellow vector

the power of christ compelling me up the stairs to soothe foreheads and mop floors with holy water

my molly pitcher mantra becomes
feel better sweet babies

i am the calm center of the universe

fighting the good fight
leads me to the corner pharmacy
rather than cooking an unwanted breakfast

my meal
will be consumed whilst on this errand
far away from the contagion contained at home
chocolate pyramids
the toble of a toblerone bar
and diet 7 Up
a staple soda of the hyperemetic
every sip comes from the memory of my mother’s hands

i purchase
activated charcoal
cosmetic pink bismuth
ginger candy and ale
to soothe rumbling bellies

and my guilty pleasure
a new pack of pilot pens
the brand to which i remain loyal
after the expensive ones have seeped into the persian rug

a poem happened
in spite of all this
within the simple act
of writing it all down