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white shoulders

to him
every hole
in a woman’s body
is an invitation to violence

ears are for filling with bile
the mouth is for gagging
the tongue will scream until it is cut out

lips for splitting with fists

the sex organ and anus
meant only for acts of desecration
in the temple

the stench of his sickness
mixing with old lady perfume
filling your nose

as he guts you

his final act
waxing romantic
about telling his mother
“I hope you get cancer of the eyes”

as your bride of frankenstein flesh dies

left to rot in the square
for all the pitch fork and torch bearing
townspeople to behold

yet he is overjoyed
with his trophies left behind
some red nail polish
a few lipsticks
and our clothing
hanging carcasses
in his meat locker closet
as he made sure all of us wore
his perfect dress size

Jazz Music poetry Short Stories Uncategorized Urban Legends


you reappeared
at my back door
peering through morning glass
after your treacherous
cross country journey
eyes bearing horrors
and in need of clean bandages

i must admit
being as torn as your flesh
as to how i should feel

but then i felt proud of you
for having survived
for keeping your vital organs intact

i needn’t hear the story
you know i have lived it
you’ve seen where the teeth
left behind the deepest scars

and i know all too well
what he is capable of eating