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yellow petals

i walked into our backyard and spoke

to the witch hazel tree this morning

she was the closest woman i could find

beneath a sun that decided to shine

for the first time in a week

witch hazel calms angry skin

soothes redness and inflammation

her fleshy bark turned to me as i told her our story

though she already knew the words

she had felt the earth around her roots quake as i screamed

for the baby i tried to give you who is buried perpetually at our feet

for the day i walked out on you in a restaurant

to not hurt you with my sharpened tongue

i didn’t want to lash out at you for wounds i’m still nursing

that you didn’t inflict

the way you had the nerve to follow me

and when our eyes met

you smiled because you love my damaged heart perfectly

i told the witch hazel tree all of this

her buds bloomed yellow petals for an answer

right in front of me


-i love you, James



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when it rains in springtime

most days i hate you

but when it rains in springtime

i miss you

nina simone crying that she gets along without you very well

i will never achieve indifference

but neither will you


we’re even



Spring comes unwillingly,

a reluctant prom queen

afraid to surrender her pink.

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shameless displays of genitalia

the crocus emerged

early spring

a bulbous blue

to spill

color forth

but the poetess arches her back

and says no not yet

swollen red

prolonging ecstasy

hummingbirds blushing

at her wanton roar


she listens smiling

spring is quietly sneaking

on satin slippered feet

down winter’s hallway


she listens smiling


behind closed doors


tulips are snoring gently

but soon to wake


daffodils are whispering they should

arrive fashionably late


stock market bees buzz of nothing

but honey drippings and ticker tape


pansies sip tea

gossiping about cherry blossoms

who wear pearl earrings


too willing to open their petals

doomed to fall for a rake






Americana poetry

judgment and peppermints

Winter has been left

at the altar

by Spring

in a Kentucky church

full of faded wood panels

battered hymnals

pews creaking with

suspicious Baptists aghast

carrying tissues

judgment and peppermints

in pocketbooks

bathed in beams

of stained glass light

containing confederate

dust particles descending

certain of

gossiping daffodils

and death






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now comes

the inevitable onslaught

of springtime poems

as the poets


they are in fact

not dying

behavior biology nature

tennis, anyone?

silence eloquence

heroism villainy

martyrdom betrayal

ecstasy disenchantment


all in that first moment

your bones sense

the coming of spring

and you think to yourself

i feel like fucking something


tennis, anyone?



behavior biology

garry said…

were you to die

I would do everything I could

to hold onto them

the twins

and I need to believe that

the way I need to believe

in the certainty of Spring

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this happiness

if i’m not careful
this happiness
will ruin everything

wearing flowing chiffon for no reason
warming my skin in the sun
reading and writing as much as i want

i suppose i’ll have to fall in love
to fuck it up again