of things beautiful

a person looks
to the night sky
and sees stars

a poet looks
to the night sky
and sees a graveyard
of light

how horrible the heart of a poet
our burden a tragedy
of things beautiful


parting my lips

i am not

an easy person to love

yet he does it with aplomb

this man who makes the sun

rise and set

by parting my lips with his


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this could be us


i’m with him

all my stars are out


every star

i don’t know

how much time

we will have together

but i hope it’s enough

to count

every star


night would soon own us

i knew night

would soon own us

the way his eyes

slid down

my dress

as i gasped up

toward stars

astronomy biology poetry

circumstance a circus

there are truths in the stars

i cannot tell him with words

circumstance a circus

inexplicable eventualities

why i become sick

when i travel away

why my eyes are amber secrets

he will learn

we exist in a theatre of fleeting hearts

lost moments wind swept

as sure as

this poem will drown in a pool of tears

a stone sunk to the bottom

of a forgotten day

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Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night…

the bedroom curtains

would be left open

upon my insistence


framed with clinging frost

to better gaze into the late evening sky


sure Santa Claus would find

his way through my stars


as i watched intently

from beneath

my Cabbage Patch Doll comforter

only to fall

fast asleep

listening for reindeer sleigh bells


not knowing


life is never what it seems


but exactly

what lies within

the human heart


may yours be filled

with love and hope

this happy Christmas night

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we were
front porch of the bar

escaping the after midnight noise
and creeping stench of miller high life

seeking a rock
elevated enough
to smoke a cigarette

upon sitting
he insisted i should wrap myself in his coat
to take away the chill
of late september

he kissed the spot deemed sacred
in my hairline

then asked

Baby, did you know the stars don’t really twinkle? Atmospheric conditions block the light from reaching are eyes intermittently and create the illusion of twinkling light.

i remembered that night
yesterday afternoon
as i taught my circle time enraptured students
about the universe
the milky way galaxy
and a mnemonic device for recalling
the names of all nine planets

pluto still exists in my classroom

and for a moment

so did my love for you

as joey left holding hands
asking his father

Guess what Miss Alicia taught me today? Stars don’t really twinkle! It’s an atmospheric interruption of light…

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he leans back into the skyline
surrounding the rooftop bar
dean martin sly
mambo king beautiful
holding court beside me
in his leather chair

nursing ancient scotch
smoking romeo y julieta cigars
his eyes follow the curves of my legs up to my eyes saying,
“not yet, baby, not yet…”

to which i reply,
“no, saint augustine will not be seeking salvation tonight…”

he is stunned by my perfect understanding
and realizes we are dangerous together
particularly to his wife

penitent and bleeding
“we would have been a love story in another life”

i agree
bending to kiss him silently
before walking down the stairwell
made from another god’s sky

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my bedroom

16 X 20 acrylic on canvas