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struggling mites of the planet

standing in the shower

this morning

i saw a spider die fighting

against the current of water

and i thought to myself

i could write a few lines for that lost arachnid

his own rime of the ancient mariner

an ode to the minutiae

the miniscule struggling mites of the planet

but what’s the fucking point of flowery conjecture

regarding what does and doesn’t matter

i can’t save him with words

or write an appropriate memorial

nor can i save

a gassed syrian baby

or a woman standing

in the way of an exploding madman panel truck

the waning poet in me cries out for a god

who stood us up

who split with our luggage

who never checked in

at the hotel airport

yeah, i could write a poem

if i remembered

what a poet is

what’s more poetic

than a poet

who doesn’t

feel like a poet



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dad’s gonna be pissed

my generation had no great war

until the towers fell

and the government invented one

then we were told

it’s not our fight

beyond the departures gate

at the airport

our struggle is removing our shoes

and grabby TSA agents

we never grew a victory garden

we never salvaged all our metal to make bullets

or watched the soldierly  Vietnam death toll

march across the bottom of our television screens

we were raised by Atari systems, Pop Rocks, Sweet Valley High books,

and Bob Barker’s skinny microphone

so forgive me, my fellow

generationally x’d out americans

if i don’t give a shit

about your opinions on the upcoming election

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terrorist states

you can’t make a bomb

powerful enough

to frighten me

you can’t make a gun

big enough

to make me shrink away

as there is nothing more terrifying

than living to fight

another day

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empathy is the new black

in their golden age
MGM and the other major film studios
would throw grand conventions
gala parties for its male executives
with a standard of decadence and debauchery
as to make caligula envious

a cattle call for female extras
would be sent out
the girls would show directly from costuming
to be herded
by the bus load into the hollywood hills
to what they thought was a set for filming

only to find out
they were expected to play hooker
and cum soaked
by louis b. mayer and his army of greasy trolls

so when i see the entertainment industry
feigning concern
holding #bring back our girls

proclaiming empathy is the new black

i see it as the latest
box office blockbuster hypocrisy

give me a break
who the fuck do you think you’re kidding

you bastards were the boka harem
before a terrorist ever kidnapped
a nigerian woman

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exploding politics

i am tired

of admiring
caskets carried upon shoulders
rather than low to the ground

the best way to carry a body is not at all

weary of


candlelight vigils

black veiled lilies corrupting every season

people slaughtered over archaic beliefs
and bad ideas

our trillion dollar death machine technology

the wind tunnel blowing

flags perpetually flying at half-staff
here and abroad

i do not accept

exploding politics

locked down schools

trigger happy teenagers

metal detector mantras

and water boarding as a national pastime

which have come to define

what it means
to be an american

living and dying
in modern times

a society force fed fear
will cause the margins
to move into a shack
with a lake view of a manifesto

don’t ask why

when we taught the world
how to build a better bomb