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the kissing tour

the kissing tour

i want august 14, 1987 with you

once before i die

in this dimension we’re both 19

driving in from ohio to philly

in your shitty car

to see

the cure

the kissing tour

at the spectrum arena

14.50 a ticket

looking like debbie harry and robert smith had angry babies

i have a flask of bourbon in my bag

you have a joint in your wallet behind your college id

we haven’t fucked up our lives yet

we haven’t made irrevocable choices

we haven’t numbed ourselves with antidepressants

we can’t conceive of mortgages or lawn maintenance

maybe they’ll play

the kiss

for their first song

it’s a thursday night

and the rest of our lives

will happen friday

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just like heaven

just like heaven
tears apart the sky of the bar as
he smiles all sheepishly
under his porkpie hat

looking down at the darkness of the floor
he grabs his transparent last straw and takes a sip
of his vodka and diet
you know i used to back up drum for
the cure

my raised eyebrow responds
sure you did lambchop

see my matching bracelets
i’m wonder woman
and tonight
you won’t be pounding me

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saturday is a form of heaven

eating english
slathered with blackberry preserves
ignoring The Times
listening to
the cure
on the turntable
orbiting white chocolate
worshiping blonde coffee
reading a deLillo novel
dog under chair giving chase
in mumbley sleep
children remain under star covered blankets
as st. michael the tabby cat
wages holy war
against the evils
of rabbit fur mice