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powerful dumb

i have no fear of death

i’m not particularly concerned with my life expectancy

possessing the prescience of mind

if and when i reach 75

i will feel powerful dumb

as i tally the amount of time

i have spent in line at starbucks

on hold waiting for a customer service representative

watching television commercials

sitting in traffic

logged into a pseudo society online

listening to politicians lie

writing student loan checks

forcing a faux smile to an asshole

and feel i deserve

to be flattened by a speeding bullet train

into a scraping trail of bloody offal

for my cowardice

for failing to truly live

for accepting coffee and credit card offers as a substitute

for wasting my life

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the good china

it’s okay to be broken

but it’s not an excuse

to break

other people

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still shots

were he a photographer
instead of a hapless poet
his portrait of her waning life
would have won him a pulitzer

how perfectly he revealed
the cause of her suffering
while subsequently
capturing looming vultures
shadows over her final moments

he left her there to die
in front of no one but his lens

leaving the observer to wonder
if he ever thought to save her

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paradise must dwell within us before we may dwell within heaven

i have taken

to walking at night

through the backfields of my life


drawing ink from the well pond

surrounded by a chamber choir of

minstrel toads


tenor and baritone balanced

the bass has a loose string

my smile shapes into nirvana

as i am

a lover of imperfect things


in this place where i wash away the blood

from gruesome playground injuries

i know myself to be a reality

an unfolding lotus blossum


the drones buzz around me

urging me to assume my place as queen

at the risk of being beheaded


fear be damned

i have nothing to lose but regret


when the world has given all of itself

to nocturnal things

i seek the sage counsel

of the elders who placed the pomegranate trees

in eden


they tell me to command the fireflies

to float upward

becoming stars

knowing it is i

who determines my fate


avalon built in one night

to be burned again tomorrow


the planets revolve in the palm of my hand

when i consider the algonquin princess

from whose ancient earth-mother chromosomes

i sprang


greek gods conspire to please me

nectar sent from mount olympus

i am humbled with acceptance


my feet no longer feel the ground below

i float over the river styx


hummingbirds fly with lanterns

hanging from their bills

filled with luciferase glow


all of this majesty

so that i may

find my way to heaven

before the gates are closed