the devil you know

there you are
right on cue
as if you personally orchestrated
my having been born
in September
the devil you know
swelling and morphing
through my dreams
your face changing
wearing various masks
such grand theatre
i weep
destroy my sheets
crying out in the night
reddest blood flowing
into marzipan rivers
oh my dear
how beautifully we suffer
this tether
my soul was lost
in an apple orchard
faded to ether


Spring Play

I thought

I understood what



and beauty


until I saw the smile

beam from the face

of my son


his leading role bows

before the applauding theatre

as he realized

he had just achieved


he never thought possible

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fall play

all i remember about high school
are books that changed my life
who i was fucking
and what i was touching
for the first time

opening night of the fall play
i had the lead and was fucking my co-star
a freshman year liz taylor
to his sophomore richard burton

backstage stolen kisses
and raised skirts
waiting for our cues
not caring if the audience noticed
the painted flats were moving