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i make mr. spock look like rick james

i don’t remember
ever having claimed
to be sane

as none of us are

however i am
one of the most logical
people on earth

i make mr. spock look like rick james

when logic is applied
any problem or query
or sociological
may be solved

this is an attribute on which
my family
and my friends
have come to rely

we all have our demons
accept yours in stride

mine are wearing
pink bow pig tails
and hello kitty thigh highs

Jazz Music poetry Short Stories Uncategorized Urban Legends


we were
front porch of the bar

escaping the after midnight noise
and creeping stench of miller high life

seeking a rock
elevated enough
to smoke a cigarette

upon sitting
he insisted i should wrap myself in his coat
to take away the chill
of late september

he kissed the spot deemed sacred
in my hairline

then asked

Baby, did you know the stars don’t really twinkle? Atmospheric conditions block the light from reaching are eyes intermittently and create the illusion of twinkling light.

i remembered that night
yesterday afternoon
as i taught my circle time enraptured students
about the universe
the milky way galaxy
and a mnemonic device for recalling
the names of all nine planets

pluto still exists in my classroom

and for a moment

so did my love for you

as joey left holding hands
asking his father

Guess what Miss Alicia taught me today? Stars don’t really twinkle! It’s an atmospheric interruption of light…

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paradise must dwell within us before we may dwell within heaven

i have taken

to walking at night

through the backfields of my life


drawing ink from the well pond

surrounded by a chamber choir of

minstrel toads


tenor and baritone balanced

the bass has a loose string

my smile shapes into nirvana

as i am

a lover of imperfect things


in this place where i wash away the blood

from gruesome playground injuries

i know myself to be a reality

an unfolding lotus blossum


the drones buzz around me

urging me to assume my place as queen

at the risk of being beheaded


fear be damned

i have nothing to lose but regret


when the world has given all of itself

to nocturnal things

i seek the sage counsel

of the elders who placed the pomegranate trees

in eden


they tell me to command the fireflies

to float upward

becoming stars

knowing it is i

who determines my fate


avalon built in one night

to be burned again tomorrow


the planets revolve in the palm of my hand

when i consider the algonquin princess

from whose ancient earth-mother chromosomes

i sprang


greek gods conspire to please me

nectar sent from mount olympus

i am humbled with acceptance


my feet no longer feel the ground below

i float over the river styx


hummingbirds fly with lanterns

hanging from their bills

filled with luciferase glow


all of this majesty

so that i may

find my way to heaven

before the gates are closed