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little bighorn

my smile fades

from the smell of

unexpected onions


fourth shot of whiskey poised

in my left hand


you rise in my throat

bile and reflux

but you are nothing

if not consistent


molested by the memory

of you

endlessly comparing me

to that damned bottle

of bourbon




stately noble bird

amber eyed Kentucky royalty

worthy of addiction

who will kick your ass

if you don’t mean it

not for beginners

or the faint of heart

yet somehow



and to hell with you still

i say

you and your Custer decisions


when you make your last call

last stand

each night

succumbing to the same

faulty strategy


sulk in your warm bath and remember

you lost to the indians

all on your own


(slams her shot in a way only bartenders and the triumphant understand)



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you may leave your calling card

some part of me
should look after this poem
but the lady of the house
isn’t here at the moment

and there is no good
no good
god damned reason
why anyone
would be awake at 4:00 in the morning
listening to santana weep
samba pa ti

contemplating the way
they prefer
the old wild turkey label
over this new one

the only heirloom
my father left me
was addiction

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because i love you too much, baby

this may be my kentucky talking
but i’d like to drink your
poser grandiose shtick
under the fucking table
then beat the shit out of you
with a wild turkey bottle

knock your ass out cold
leave you on a floor
bar napkin poem on your chest
in a honkey tonk outside memphis

elvis singing suspicious minds
as i walk out the door

you’ll love me forever
once you come to

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fifteen words on louisville honesty and hunter’s glasses

yellow lenses for accuracy
red clay
wet with wild turkey
fully aware